Small Bird: A Song of Innocence

In the words of my fellow blogger @ 67painting……..We both set out to capture something that was symbolic of Spring, something that made us feel more alive and more in tune with life itself. I feel we achieved that effortlessly and with fun.

We did. I hope that you enjoy the words and the music too and I wish you a wonderful week.


The daylight has lingered on longer than expected, but now the gloom of the short April evening is settling down fast in the wood. The silent and motionless trees rise out of a mysterious shadow, which fills up the spaces between their trunks. Only above, where their delicate outer branches are shown against the dark sky, is there any separation between them?

Somewhere in the deep shadow of the underwood a blackbird calls “ching, ching” before he finally settles himself to roost. In the yew the small birds are already quiet, sheltered by the evergreen spray; they have also sought the ivy-grown trunks. “Twit, twit,” sounds high overhead as one or two belated little creatures, scarcely visible, pass quickly for the cover of the furze on the hill.

Then bird songs lifts me as notes fall from air. They seem to land in my hand. In that  moment, as already…

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2 responses to “Small Bird: A Song of Innocence

  1. poppytump

    As I said on 67 paintings .. a wonderful meeting of minds and creativity with music and poetry .

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