the nature of it . . .

…love that is.

I find myself reading about it and commenting on posts that resonate.

In response to this line…..

may we shape our lives into a lifetime of love ( I wrote simply that I liked it and now I find myself here and writing on a day and a date that are meaningful to me. It is a day like all others that started and will shortly end, but it carries meaning that is mine to hold and keep safe.

In response to Millie’s love meter post

I wrote….

Just as long as we remember too that there is no limit to love: there is no limit to how many or how much… you say by being open to the possibility of it surprising us.

So at the end of a day that did not stretch, but simply passed and was colored somewhat grey for me, due to the unseasonably cold May weather – I find myself in need of creativity and meaning and so I am attempting here to write just a little about the ‘nature of it.’

…love that is and perhaps a little about beauty too if you will indulge this whim to weave some creative spark into my BEing at the close of day.

I commented on in response to her question: what is beauty to you, that to me it was – a pleasing and restful – perhaps gracious place where I rest my eyes for a while and feel warm inside doing so.

so here I am musing about the expanse of love and the uplifting nature of beauty

Perhaps if I were able to somehow join those 2 treasured words together, I would lay my head to rest tonight and BE content and the grayness of a cold May day would drift away with my dreams.

These few words and this picture


are for my Dad.

There is enough love and enough beauty in expressing that alone to let me sleep at peace with me.



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28 responses to “the nature of it . . .

  1. 365 blog post “Love is….”
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

  2. What’s not to love about love? We’ve had gorgeous weather here but the rains are coming says the weather guy!

  3. Absolutely, ‘to love’ melts the boundaries of our hearts, going beyond ourselves into the ‘other’ – on the other hand I find that something of beauty always disturbs me, once seen / felt / hear I can find no rest.

    • I wonder if disturbance is because there is something about deep beauty in our eyes that touches us so deeply and when combined with love – it is a force to be reckoned with.

      • I’ve sat with your question for days, Andrea I honestly don’t know why beauty disturbs me. I grapple with looking for beauty whilst at the same time knowing that our lives and richer for beauty. Yet when confronted by Beauty I am in awe. I feel something has pulled the rug out from underneath me, and leaves me feeling vulnerable. On the other hand I am reassured that it happens. It means that I am alive.

      • Perhaps when we have lost something beautiful to us, the beauty around us is too rich for out taste until we are ready for it once more. I believe everything we experience has its own energy and time needed. Today the sun shines. For me it is enough

  4. Always sleep peacefully ~ this is beautifully expressed

  5. poppytump

    Unwinding drifting thoughts just for ‘ being ‘. Let sleep come now.

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  7. excellent reading experience !

  8. Love has no boundaries, no borders to cross.

    Sir Elton John.

    This was very inspiring


  9. You got me at, “Just as long as we remember too that there is no limit to love: there is no limit to how many or how much… you say by being open to the possibility of it surprising us.” So well put and so true.

  10. mj

    This is lovely and says a lot. Love brings in its gentleness, a lot of power… and makes us reach beyond ourselves. It helps us carve out better persons from ourselves. You make me think deep, feel gently. Wishing you the sweetest dreams – always. Keep writing and giving us your little wise touches. 🙂

  11. Perhaps beauty, especially nature or peaceful smiles or laughs, disturbs the ramblings to inform us…Hey, Tada! This is it. Now. …stop looking, stop running, look at me! I am love.
    Nice post, thank you

  12. I believe (no, I KNOW) that Beauty touches our Soul, touches us in deep, even primal ways. This past weekend I saw the visual image that dolphin sounds make on a computer – it looked like a beautiful flower! Maybe the frequency from our heart/love center would also form a flower? And then, flowers become pure love or anything else whose Beauty touches us. Is that the connection between Beauty and Love?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I believe there is a connection between many things and especially with the beauties of nature.
      Love is a powerful thing
      beauty is a powerful and nature is the most powerful of all. Have a great day

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