Sea snake

Laid there like a twist of rusting metal.
He said he should kill it –
find a stone and bash its tiny head.
Crush it into the sand.
I squirmed and took a step back.
His toes too close for my liking.
Was it even alive, holding poison in its mouth:
a rudder for a tail.
A helpless out of water creature.
Ugly and pulsing – breathing
too much air.


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20 responses to “Poem

  1. Would a sea snake be an eel? I don’t know if they’re both from the same class of animals or not. Just wondering.

  2. I am rather glad there was no picture with this one. 😦

  3. What an edgy and evocative poem, to kill or not to kill.

  4. This also resonates with me, like I was there.

  5. I’d have to get rid of it, in any way!

  6. Ohhhh! Snakes just freak me out. You wrote well… Hugs Paula xxx

  7. Sounds very alarming – I’m glad I wasn’t there! I’d have run very fast I think! 😀

  8. I drew comfort from thinking it was dead before the stone came crushing down.

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