simply Iris

It is unseasonably cold.

it has rained for 2 days.


Last week I wondered why my mood had dipped.

Winter dragging into summer was becoming tiresome.


Looking out of my kitchen window: there she was.

I simply had to capture her strength, her resilience, her beauty.




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31 responses to “simply Iris

  1. …you most likely see yourSelf looking at this flower. πŸ™‚ she is a mirror of who you are…to be

  2. Not unseasonably cold enough to kill off the flu germs though…unfortunately.

  3. Rain and wind and dreary weather can really take its toll on us.
    We have some beautiful flowering bushes that were beaten down by the wind and rain. Drooped and flattened. Then the sun came out and within a day or two they had perked back up with new blossoms and were more lovely than ever.
    Your iris is gorgeous. There surely is a lesson to learn from nature…..if only to enjoy it.

  4. Resonance felt. Beautiful x

  5. Loving the colours you have captured here again. Wonderful definition.

  6. Mona

    Just beautiful……..

  7. Yes, flowers are profoundly healing for the soul, especially moving from the dark and grey of winter to the light of spring and summer.

  8. wisejourney – a nice journey…:-)))
    thank you stopping by my posts…itΒ΄s nice, entering your world of poems & views…like to follow yours…
    kindly regards from the banks of river eider, northern germany…

  9. She’s a fighter.
    Very inspiring share.

  10. poppytump

    That Beautiful Iris is sure to take you out of the doldrums … and maybe she will put forth one or two more blooms to see you through the weekend too x
    I’m awaiting my Generals wise journey πŸ˜‰ they are there .. fit to burst Lol

  11. Great capture. Hope Summer finds her way to you soon.

  12. A very tender post, she is defiant and strong your Iris.
    It’s hard for me to imagine winter lingering down in London while we are bathed in 21 degrees of sunshine way up here in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland…what strange weather we’re having this year!

  13. Nothing like some beauty in the morning to go with your coffee. πŸ™‚

  14. Beautiful! We’ve just had several days of bright warm sunshine and it has been a fabulous mood enhancer. Today it’s cloudy and cold again….

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