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red sky at night


Today was a strawberry day

a day sprinkled with sugar

a day that smelt of summer

a day that ended with a sky

a sky full of promise



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The tale of a journeyman

Don’t hasten dear friend – go pack your bag.

Gather your thoughts and gather your things.

Don’t dwell on the contents: let them drop between your palms.

Some will drift and fall to the side, but you can be sure that what you need will always be there.

Pack lightly but pack with vigour.

Go with vigour but tread lightly.

You may not know when you have arrived but when you are ready the door will open for you.

What you seek will be waiting.

Don’t look too hard.

True beauty is not in what you see but in what you feel and sense.

Trust in yourself.

Trust your purpose and you will journey home a richer man.

Your bag will be lighter . . . yet fuller.

Wisdoms will settle in your heart and body and soul.

Let them rest there a while.

Grow used to them and they will stay with you forever.

They will stand the test of time.

Use them well and share them freely.


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sky blue

A sky blue longing for those days:

of yore –

of wonder.

Sky blue memories packed with smiles and ice cream dreams.

Toes tickling tadpoles in our stream, when I was eight

and running free.

Chasing butterflies and staring up

at a sky blue summer sky.



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My eyes followed the graceful pendulum swing of a red kite: attached to a cloud by an invisible something.

I blinked and lost him under the skirts of the lush canopy.

I looked out and saw green. Shapes of green and shades of green.


Through binoculars I saw lily pads, hugging the banks of the Frome.

Sitting on a wall of ancient stone, I stared all day at the faces of cow parsley bobbing in the breeze.


At first I felt dizzy, but then I saw the trickle of movement rush from one tree top to the next.

I combed their hair with my fingers and cupped their mighty bodies in my palms.

Layer upon layer of green – green eye candy.


I watched the grass dance and specks of yellow stardust tease.

It was bliss and I was mesmerised.

( snapped visions of green on my I phone as I forgot my camera)


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s s c

Past experiences are very powerful things indeed, especially when within those experiences we observe a repeating pattern.

…it happened…look it happened again – oh and again!

The thing is: rather than going (…bleep….bleep….bleep…..) you can take control of what might otherwise be a spiral of negative thoughts and say –

…what is it that I can learn from this / these experiences about people, relationships, situations and most importantly, about me.

First things first however – and If you want to be more self confident after a set-back, you must believe in yourself.

Don’t they say that supreme self confidence  – gosh I like how that sounds don’t you . .  .

supreme self confidence is a mind matter.

Believe that you CAN and your will generate the self confidence to do so.

Every experience is a learning opportunity – it is another chance to lay another brick in the foundations of your own self confidence.

The stronger and bigger and deeper and firmer the foundations, the more your will

1. learn from past experiences

2. shore up your persistence

3. develop an air of positive expectation

4. grow in determination

5. glow with enthusiasm

and fellow blogger out there: I assure you that I speak from experience.


– Today my self confidence has added another another layer to my BEing

– This was written as I lay in bed stricken by a chill, after getting caught in that torrential downpour on saturday

– Thank you all for sharing your sunshine with me in recent day. The warmth has arrived in London for a few days at least 🙂


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yesterday in June

It rained and rained and then some more.


A steamy haze – dripping hair.

Drenched rats cowering on corners –


on a dreary, dreamy, dull, damp day.




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a moment with me

A step towards mindfulness

is a step closer to who I am.

As I sit at my computer today on WordPress, I am aware that I wish to share: to share ‘me’ in a post with a world of friends who also blog and have a need: a wish…a desire to share for a plethora of reason.

And so today I simply share a few pictures from my archive that I hope I have not shared before. (Variously taken in Chelsea Physic Garden,  Appledore, Spitalfields,  a street in Bath and El Alamein)

I would also like to share a link to a blog that is filled with honesty, wisdoms and warmth and which was the catalyst for this oh so very simple post, which quite simply is an expression of me today on my journey towards daily mindfulness.

Have a terrific weekend.ImageImageImageImageImage


June 15, 2013 · 10:44 am