It’s glorious this heart of something.

this sense of positive: of new –

 of something good to come.

Warm skin caressed – just sitting.

Eyes  closed.

Ears open to the sound of it.

Change that offers something more.

Baby fingers splash.

Baby birds sing.

BEing me today does not need words.

A few find their way into my notebook as I go back to BEing at the heart of me.

















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37 responses to “Sunshine

  1. I’ve found I’m not a very positive person. In fact I’m positively negative.

  2. Being me today does not need words… I love that line!

  3. LOL – that’s also my favourite, ‘BEing me today does not need words’…lovely:-)

  4. Reading you this morning was like listening to an elegantly simple guitar solo. Oh it’s done. Oopps. Time to go. Have to listen to what you wrote – again. Niiiice. Thanks for punctuating my Sunday morning. Dan

  5. This was a much-neeed ray of sunshine in my life. Thanks!

  6. …’ears open to the sound of it’

    …a beautiful::::hum::::ty for this

  7. poppytump

    Aah that’s more like it x

  8. Life affirming poetry at its best 🙂

  9. mj

    It’s amazing…. we both post the same thing on the same day. I will put a link to this in my post. We must harvest the sun in all its color! Lovely images you give us – and so different from the sun we see these days in India.

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  11. this really tickled my skin! xo

  12. Oh, I like this a lot! Great write with perfect words for the feelings. 😀

  13. That was so beautiful! Hugs to you…Paula xxx

  14. That really touched a chord. Thank you 🙂

  15. Lovely words. Feels like being alive.

  16. Catherine Johnson

    Lovely gentle and positive vibes. Great for heading into summer 🙂

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