cafe on the corner of the street

Heaving with life

with lycra and ipads

buggies and babes.

Day glow yellow – Italians in linen.

Telegraph, Guardian, muffins and backpacks.

White jeans, tight jeans – sandals, love handles.

Skinny this, decaf that: froth it, slurp it, neck it, burp it.

Short shirts, taut shirts, trainers, sunglasses.

En route to tennis, violin and ballet.

Little kids, plastic lids – paper holder, wooden stirrer.

Reads the paper

crossword later.

Reads his book and peeks a look around at all the ladies.

Giggling, wiggling smiley faces – slushy frappacino faces.

She leans down to tie his laces.

Earphones, iphones, silver phones, sparkly phones.

Long q, flip flops, pink bag, Evian.

Flat white, take a bite – scruffy dog with a ball in his mouth.

She fastens him tight and he sleeps under her feet, my feet, your feet  – our feet.

Done up in heels and dressed down in flats: it buzzes and hisses and laughs

to it’s heart’s content – everyone’s front room on a sunny afternoon.




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41 responses to “cafe on the corner of the street

  1. mj

    Aww… what a picture you paint Andrea. I can see it all right there… in my mind’s eyes… even the mastheads of the papers…. wonderful! And the flip-flops…dogs… and wide-eyed babies.

  2. It was such a jolly sunny weekend scene yesterday..captured in soundbites!

  3. Thats my favorite Peets coffee shop in Napa, Calfornia except for the Guardian!!

  4. “Heaving with life” indeed!

  5. ty for putting such a smile on face this morning with this wonderful poem…so many favorite stanzas to cite..

    White jeans, tight jeans – sandals, love handles.
    Skinny this, decaf that: froth it, slurp it, neck it, burp it.

    and the threads that connect us all….

    • how did we survive before the coffee shops flooded the high street… I fin it a place of inspiration so often and quite differently each time…this one light..thank you

      • you ask a good question and i have no anwer but a plan of mine was to take my writing mobile, visit some new java spots but all i end up doing is watching the comings and goings, listening to snippets of conversations, petting lovely dogs….well, you know what they say about

        and you are most welcome..ty too.

  6. poppytump

    LOVE it Andrea . So glad you had a sunny saturday and warmth in many senses by the sound of it . Your words just leap off the screen with wonderful images which are so easy to bring forth in my mind ..
    I love to turn up the volume to your linked song – a regular play for me 🙂

  7. Sounds more sophisticated than the cafes round here. Round here it’d be betting slips, flat caps and fat freckled women shrieking like banshees.

  8. Catherine Johnson

    What a fun poem! Love it!

  9. Brilliantly evocative of a London hub-bub! Brought it all back for me, thank you Andy x

  10. Wonderful! I felt like I was there for every moment. 🙂

  11. I love this. So descriptive. Good stuff!!!

  12. Teeming with so much of the essence of moden life…
    Aces 🙂

  13. I really love this piece – probably because I can relate to it so well! Cafes are among my favorite places to relax and people-watch. I find them very inspiring for my writing.

  14. this is so good. can imagine the setting 🙂

  15. Your slushy frappacino faces has got me chuckling.

  16. UZ

    Nice poem 😀

  17. You’re impressing me more with each post, my friend.

  18. very sunny poem and a delight to read!
    groetjes, Francina

  19. So I wonder if it is there the happiness. Good and nice poem on your reflection. Congrats!

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