yesterday in June

It rained and rained and then some more.


A steamy haze – dripping hair.

Drenched rats cowering on corners –


on a dreary, dreamy, dull, damp day.





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32 responses to “yesterday in June

  1. You want to come up to Lancashire. It’s as sunny as owt up here.

  2. Sorry … er, hope I’m allowed to say that the first photo (taken through a bus window maybe) is superb. You can’t choose the weather (but I’m thinking this is just getting ready for Wimbledon 😉 ) but you can choose how you react to it.
    Good reaction wise one.

  3. Sending some of our sunshine your way!

  4. Wow, was this London? It’s been so dry up in Edinburgh that the rivers are almost running dry, and the soil is like dust. My vegetables would have loved that down pour!


    Love the effect of pic #1 though! I feel soggy! Great capture.

  6. Impressive photos! I’ll send you some Scottish sun – we had plenty to spare yesterday:-)

  7. Wow!! Now that’s some heavy rainfall. Hugs Paula xxx

  8. oh that looks far too familiar… love that first image!

  9. Those are beautiful pictures, looks like the 60’s or 70’s tho! and thanks for sharing your thought.

  10. A cool, wet look back, my beautiful friend!

  11. poppytump

    I have a feeling there have been too many times like this just recently … better being on top of the bus looking out !

  12. Yep, doing that here too. We are gonna have webbed feet soon… LOL Be well 😀

  13. Love these photos. Is it London? I just returned from a short trip there. Sunny and warm. Back in Sweden it is raining and 12 degrees C.

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