red sky at night


Today was a strawberry day

a day sprinkled with sugar

a day that smelt of summer

a day that ended with a sky

a sky full of promise



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38 responses to “red sky at night

  1. It’s been raining here. And blowing a gale.

  2. michaelmulholland


  3. Oh we had a huge bowl of strawberries for tea…..they tasted like the heart of summer…sweet, fragrant and beautiful 🙂

  4. Refreshing as a quick rain on a summer’s day.

  5. Yes..No Rain, right? Have a great week. Hugs Paula xxx

  6. pink sky at night, a sailor’s delight…

  7. Strawberries from the allotment – how much of a summer promise is that?
    With his short poem ?
    It felt like summer here today.

  8. That’s a beautiful poem – and lovely red sky too!! Yesterday was that kind of day for me, first time it’s been good weather all day. Hoping the British summer has finally arrived! I like the idea of a strawberry day – made me smile a lot!
    Suzy 😀

  9. beautiful in words and photo. Delightful post. Thank you for sharing!
    groetjes, Francina

  10. A strawberry day?
    The Beatles couldn’t have said it better!

  11. I can taste this day my dear! Wonderful!

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