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It matters

A waiting page.
I wonder what it’s waiting for.
I wonder is it waiting –

for thoughts to gel and words to flow.

The wait could a be a long one.
My brain is begging – but
lips fall still as airwaves slow

– for thoughts to gel and words to flow.

A matter of time.
A matter of place or perhaps
It’s just a matter…

– for thoughts to gel and words to flow.

Yes it matters-
to think the thought, to feel the feeling and then I let it go.

for thoughts to gel and words to flow:

tease out the tangles – put
them straight.
To see the bottom of the matter.

For thoughts to gel and words to flow.

It matters.
Quite simply put –
it matters that I matter.




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morning glory

Jasmine heady skies, you move me. Still air –
a silent crack.
I can feel you coming. Closing in: creeping up behind my blind.
The first flash strikes . Globules fall hard,
swallowing clouds.
They drum slate. They strike ash.
Mothers toss.
They soothe babies in warm arms and conjure sheep.


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the golden hour


Not a whiff of a breeze.

Heavens fall to earth and kiss the grass now golden.


Sun spitting fire.

Pods rattling seeds and rivers running dry.


Stone wall warm – dusk now.

Gnats swarm around a waning gibbous.



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darling dahlia



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Princes Hot Chicken…..spicy

Princes Hot Chicken…..spicy.


I simply had to share this post with you today.

It is from my son who is driving a motorbike across America this summer.

This is a  little different from my usual posts, but I am proud of my boy embarking on this once in a life time journey and wanted to share a little of his journey with you too.


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me at my centre …..



…… you at your centre. This is where everyday should start and where everyday should end with as much of me (and you) at the centre of our BEings throughout the day as is possible.
Not only do I appreciate how this is good for me and carry this awareness with me always, I also practice this on a daily basis .

I shift my thoughts into actions.

You know that old adage of someone talking the talk…. but until they walk the walk it doesn’t count.
In mindfulness speak, this translates for me into:  think the thought and practice the practice.

Do what works for you – what feels right to you, whatever that happens to BE today and whatever makes you feel good about yourself and about your day.

I am not thinking the big stuff and I find increasingly it is the small stuff…. stuff like stopping off in a Starbucks cos I know the decaf skinny latte tastes a certain way that I like……a walk through my local park, people watching along the way and taking a simple pleasure and sense of belonging from BEing there….looking closely at a flower bud and it bringing as much joy as the later bloom.

This may be the small stuff but I know seeing it and feeling it graciously takes me closer to my centre and that is a place I simply like BEing.

Posted today from one of my many local coffee shops, or is that a thinking shop 🙂

I wish you a fabulous day and ever wondrous journey, through every day and ever closer to your centre.


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What-ever you will – it to be

ImageIt will take you by surprise, even when you are seeking it’s force:

a field that once entered, is shaped by your steps.

Life lessons are taught in it’s grasp – each pull, each push and

every transformation.

When you are brave and hold it in your palms, it will amaze you.

It asks only that you are patient . . . and accepting.

Allow your cup to ‘runneth over’ and it will bless you with contentment.

Trust yourself. Listen and reach and touch – smell a rose each day.

Whatever you will, let it be quiet and gentle: be embraced.

Be reassured.

Be yourself.


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