What-ever you will – it to be

ImageIt will take you by surprise, even when you are seeking it’s force:

a field that once entered, is shaped by your steps.

Life lessons are taught in it’s grasp – each pull, each push and

every transformation.

When you are brave and hold it in your palms, it will amaze you.

It asks only that you are patient . . . and accepting.

Allow your cup to ‘runneth over’ and it will bless you with contentment.

Trust yourself. Listen and reach and touch – smell a rose each day.

Whatever you will, let it be quiet and gentle: be embraced.

Be reassured.

Be yourself.



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42 responses to “What-ever you will – it to be

  1. That turtle’s left its headlights on.

  2. Beautiful words – thank you. ❤

  3. michaelmulholland

    Absolutely, and what beautiful and spiritual words from your soul…thank you. Many blessings.

  4. Lovely words and lovely pictures.

  5. Resembling a channelling.

  6. Ohhh, I hope this is true!!! I will love and happiness. Hugs to you. Paula xx

  7. mj

    Very well put. In an unobtrusive way, we have the capacity to surprise ourselves with our ability to shape our lives… we don;t let ‘it be’ often enough… and therefore, when the surprise confronts us, we call it ‘luck’, ‘coincidence’.

    I like the way you say it – it’s a force-field, that responds and supports to what’s true within us.

    Thank you!

  8. poppytump

    Such lovely words running together Andrea …
    I’m momentarily quietened .
    Enjoy the this bright skied weekend 🙂

  9. wow. Allow your cup to ‘runneth over’ and it will bless you with contentment… is an amazing thought. Just needed that. Thank you.

  10. am always me … everyday … sure who else would I be …

  11. Beautiful words and a charming picture.

  12. Seb

    Terps is cute and your words are true.

  13. Beautiful words on authenticity….a journey into gentle 🙂

  14. Catherine Johnson

    Beautiful sentiments!

  15. really glad i came across your blog. your brevity and way with words is packed with punch. the good sort of punch.

  16. wise words and solid advice , Andrea. Thank you for sharing

  17. Amy

    Beautiful words and photo! Thank you for sharing!

  18. What sweet words!
    A perfect night cap for my Tuesday evening! 🙂

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