the golden hour


Not a whiff of a breeze.

Heavens fall to earth and kiss the grass now golden.


Sun spitting fire.

Pods rattling seeds and rivers running dry.


Stone wall warm – dusk now.

Gnats swarm around a waning gibbous.




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29 responses to “the golden hour

  1. Beautiful. So serene. Thank you x

  2. Beautiful summer heat, ripening the whole land 🙂

  3. What’s a waning gibbous?

  4. michaelmulholland

    Lovely my friend…

  5. Amy

    Beautiful gallery!


    Love these ..especially number one !

  7. Beautiful nature photography!

  8. Ah, I feel the stillness. It’s hot and still here tonight too. There is something about the scene that you describe… It inspires talk in whispers. The contrast of the Gibbous with the drying heat suggests a subtle promise of beginnings. I like that.

  9. Your words so perfectly complimented the accompanying photos! 🙂 What a little slice of peace!

  10. sensory impressions…and a coast to coast greeting for stopping by and watching ZORA…
    have a good sunday…

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! The photos too, but especially your poetic prose. How I love the Heavens falling to ‘kiss the grass now golden’. As someone who lives in the prairies, it certainly speaks of a hot dry summer’s day. I love it!
    Thanks for sharing your gifts here. Cheers, Gina

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