The Inner Smile

Once more it was a privilege to collaborate creatively with Lee at

I hope you like the result and that you find our joints efforts as soothing and calming as I did. Andrea


Inner smile (by Andrea Wicks)

I wait for you in August.
I long to see your powdered wings, enrapt at every speck and streak.
Blow into my garden admiral, where I can see you

on parade in all your finery.
Bent low with blooms, your butterfly bush erupts.
Some weed it out. Not me. I planted it for you.

Can it be heard: the sound of cocoons
drying and splitting. Paper wings unfurling.
Tentative first flight.

One ear in the grass, I listen.
My nose touching blades and stems.
Painted shadows sway and lengthen – as day tilts west,

I see you on my finger tip.
Wide eyes hold on to this moment, stitched in my summer memory,
caught between each note.

I loved each line, it flowed like the sea and it gives a whole new nuance to the instrumental. It no longer feels like my solo doodling, it…

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9 responses to “The Inner Smile

  1. 67paintings

    Dear Andrea, it always brings a smile to me just to be involved in our collaborations. Thank you for your gift of music in words, and words in music. Both ways brings a sense of being lifted. Thank you again.

  2. Morning from Oz, Andrea!

    That was so peaceful. Loved it! Hugs and have a great weekend. Paula xxx

  3. magnificent guitar playing ! Sorry I’ve missed your recent post, I’ve been in the hospital but I’m grateful to get here and read you again dear~ Faithfully Debbie

  4. Congratulations you’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award! If you following the link it will take you to the rules . Well-deserved!

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