my very own wildflower meadow


It has been a while since I wrote about mindfulness directly, but that does not mean I am not living in the moment.

I am living in the moment, in days and weeks that have been more filled with stuff that needs to be actioned than usual.
I would like to write more and look more and capture more, but the days when I can will come to me when the time is right.
Those days are gifts which I will unwrap with care and I will  relish them.
When you are tired, rest a while.
When you are hungry, eat a little.
When you are fearful, trust in yourself.
When you feel overwhelmed, slow down and consider.
When today feels too big, make it smaller in your mind.
When you wonder at your value, remind yourself that your are important.


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21 responses to “my very own wildflower meadow

  1. How beautiful, Andrea!

    Very true and inspiring. Have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xxx

  2. ah…you too Paula

    hugs xx

  3. What a beautiful and tender post…words and photos

  4. thanks for showing me a different perspective!!!

  5. simple common sense is wise. Thank you.

  6. Amy

    …remind yourself that your are important– beautifully said! Great reminder, Thanks!

  7. Ditto Amy!
    Needed the reminder, thanks.

  8. love the first photo … really well done

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  10. I really enjoyed the pictures and the title of the post! All great stuff. Cheers for now…

  11. hi…and thank you Rebecca

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