Northern California

As ‘my boy’ nears the end of his road trip I would like to share a wee re-blog as mummy is a busy bee and may well not be on WP too much over the next few weeks. I may put down my writing tools until I am settled back into my life after a bit of movement during September. By then autumn will be chasing me and the changing patterns of nature will draw me in. Wishing you well and see you soon. Andrea


No I have not been eaten by a bear or driven off a cliff into the Pacific only to be eaten by a Megalodon!

As you will have seen from my previous post my friends from Dubai came to visit so I spent some time traveling with them and generally being a tourist. I will post up a separate entry for their visit shortly with pictures and trip details. I also spent a few days after they left with my family up in San Francisco which was nice as I got to hang out and baby sit my young siblings which was exhausting but awesome at the same time.

However before inertia kicked in I thought I would get a few more days out on the open road before I have to draw this adventure to a close. I packed my bags and headed north on the highway 1 yesterday…

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6 responses to “Northern California

  1. poppytump

    Look after yourself Andrea .
    Will await and anticipate some lovely Autumnal musings in the near future … xx

  2. 67paintings

    Glad your son’s trip went well Andrea. Enjoy your rest from blogging. I look forward to future post as and when they come naturally. Enjoy the autumn colours

    • Hi Lee

      How are you….i am busy…my head is busy but still i add blogging to my day when I can.
      perhaps a slower pace in the next few weeks as autumn gently rolls towards us.

      I have been to look at your recent posts but was unable to comment…don’t quite get this blogging stuff but wanted to let you know.

      i am on a poetry course from end sep…one eve per week….quite a challenge for me but hope to enjoy what that journey brings.

      i look forward to quiet nights at the metaphorical fireside

      best always


  3. mj

    Enjoy your time off, and looking after yourself! So glad your son had a great US sojourn!

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