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Lady birds in Autumn

Boats bobbing along-

a man standing drifting sideways

on his barge.


Drunk men chatting carelessly,

for anyone who cared to listen.

A tree as big as a giant standing proud,


Lady birds cluster-

lost on black railings,

Canada goose spreading it’s wings like an A380.


A child stares at the river,

in his own world.

Do you have a care in the world.


Not today,

A wind blows viciously in our faces,

Pulling us along by our eyes,


A mini adventure

in a matter of minutes.

Slow steady bus: brick walls, bridges…home.

ImageImageImageImageImageToday i went for by the river thames with a young friend (Hermela) and together we took pictures, we walked and on the very slow bus home we wrote down our first thoughts about what we had seen. After a much needed lunch break we drafted our joint poem. Here’s is the result draft 3.



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Black, white and orange

I continue to be busy with my space full of others people and other things, but when I took my camera with me last week, I knew there would be images and moments I would wish to share on wordpress.

Here they are with just a few words . . .

ImageImageImageImagethese moments were serene . They were shared. They were mine.I was in the mood for black and white

and then came a pop of colour

Imageand orange to end the dayImagepeace


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early gold

We went to Stourhead in search of autumn gold

Imageand instead we found late summer heaven

Imagewith every turn

Imagewith every glance

Imagewith very shotImageand through every window into nature

Imagewe saw beauty

and abundance


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I was drawn in from the street. Trees pulled me through the gate and into the open door. It was a church, a chapel, a place of peace and creativity that enthralled me. 

(Simply snapped on my phone)


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my time

doesn’t feel like my own unless I am looking through a lens and capturing a moment these days.

Before too long these days will be yesterdays.

I am searching for moments to capture more tomorrows.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagewelcome to my moments of peace and beauty on an early autumn walk around the nature reserve at Pegwell Bay


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