Lady birds in Autumn

Boats bobbing along-

a man standing drifting sideways

on his barge.


Drunk men chatting carelessly,

for anyone who cared to listen.

A tree as big as a giant standing proud,


Lady birds cluster-

lost on black railings,

Canada goose spreading it’s wings like an A380.


A child stares at the river,

in his own world.

Do you have a care in the world.


Not today,

A wind blows viciously in our faces,

Pulling us along by our eyes,


A mini adventure

in a matter of minutes.

Slow steady bus: brick walls, bridges…home.

ImageImageImageImageImageToday i went for by the river thames with a young friend (Hermela) and together we took pictures, we walked and on the very slow bus home we wrote down our first thoughts about what we had seen. After a much needed lunch break we drafted our joint poem. Here’s is the result draft 3.



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28 responses to “Lady birds in Autumn

  1. A great way to spend an afternoon and inspiring me with all kinds of ideas for a similar meander… thank you for letting us join both of you

  2. Very nice poem – and a qualifying entry to the weekly As I Sat On The Bus Invitational.

  3. Hey Andrea!
    The photos and poem are just so beautiful. I loved it. Have a great day, nite from Oz, Paula xxxxx

  4. mj

    A lovely poem and a lovely way of creating the poem – to see the city through other eyes. Nice!

  5. It’s the 2nd time I’ve heard the term lady birds, we always called them lady bugs!

  6. A beautiful place for finding inspiration:)

  7. I really liked this idea. It was interesting to compare the visual in my head to the photos that followed. Nice! πŸ™‚

  8. Beautiful collaboration, what a perfect way to spend time. Thank you for sharing. I love the gentle way you’ve arrived at how we all share different realities all the time !

  9. Lovely post – thank you!

  10. I really enjoyed the poem, makes me want to give poem writing another shot in the near future. In Nashville we have had lots of lady bugs, plagues of asian lady beetles out of no where and wondered if you had experienced the same recently? And thanks for following my blog, which ultimately led me to your lovely site!

    • Thank you so much…good to see you here.

      I love writing and looking and seeings and listening…so poetry, words and photographs and art please my sense.

      Have a great Sunday



    Multiple lifelines
    Coexisting seamlessly
    Nature takes its course

  12. Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knlw?edgeo!

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