a few lines …

before I get on the tube and head to my poetry class this evening.

Like two pups they lay,

curled on cotton sheets –

knees glued to knees,

shoulders fused –

a sudden urge to kiss.



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22 responses to “a few lines …

  1. A genuine “Like”
    A poem from you to me
    Here’s one in return


    Never mind the class
    (Unless you wish to defer)
    Trust yourself; follow your heart

  2. Some powerful observational poetry here 🙂

  3. A poetry class. That’s intriguing. How does that work? do you just share poems? Are you sent home with themes to write poems around and then share them the following week? 🙂

  4. Cool, you do classes! 🙂
    I love your poetry. 🙂
    Hugs from Oz, Paula xxx

  5. poppytump

    So much in so few lines Andrea . I love it .

  6. Hope it’s going well for you – Lee

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