a week in Suffolk

ImageA pathway walked,Imagea seamless skyImageochre shadesImageand millponds from a bygone time at Flatford.

 ImageMasts chink and sing: at ease in mud along the Orwell.



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40 responses to “a week in Suffolk

  1. The Flatford pic is outstanding – lovely – all are good, but that one in particular is for me 🙂

  2. Thanks Polly 🙂 stay warm

  3. what a strange looking addition on the seamless sky photo!

  4. these are all lovely photos – i like the path – leading to….? speaks volumes. 🙂

  5. Beautiful shots, the path leading us forwards, and that incredible shot of the millpond. Wonderful late autumn light, and tonight we have lit a fire and pulled the curtains ready for the chill. Tomorrow it’s not forecast to rise above 2 degrees all day, but with clear sunny skies 🙂

  6. Love that millponds photo at Flatford in particular, but all the photos are great.

  7. hey there wj: i read this quote about poetry and thought of you. http://gerardkelly.org/archives/692

    sorry to post it here… didnt know how else to contact you… do you have twitter?

    • fabulous words ( just redrafted a piece for class tonight and it is as he wrote…a maze through my mind to the page)

      do have twitter but dont use it …@aiwicks

      too much technology send me doolalli!!

  8. Great use of light, creating captivating views the Suffolk countryside in winter… I enjoyed these.

  9. Oh Andrea, how peaceful and truly beautiful. I hope all is well in your world! Love and hugs to you, Paula xxx

  10. speaking of being drawn in… you paint a lovely blend of words and images, pastoral and serene.

  11. poppytump

    So glad you had such a beautiful week Andrea .
    Flatford Mill looks wonderful .
    I can well imagine some chinking and singing … of the masts of course 😉

  12. vastlycurious.com

    Love paths! Great gallery!

  13. gorgeous photo’s, Andrea! Thank you for sharing!
    greotjes, Francina

  14. Your photos call into question the definition.

    “Suffolkation: a form of punishment in which the person is forced to live in Suffolk.”

  15. Your words dance to life with your pictures Andrea! A joy. Sharon

  16. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

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