time for a few words on mindfulness

and here they are in the form of  a comment on a post I just read on
that got em thinking about the positive impact it has had on my BEing in the last 18 months :

mindfulness… wo”d have thought that that word could carry so much power in practice and bring such a sense of peace in day to day and night to night and mood to mood and step to step.

I think you feel it too and its very quiet strength to take us to places inside ourself and our truths…. …and …..well just make us feel more aligned with the world we inhabit….here’s to another mindful existence in 2014




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14 responses to “time for a few words on mindfulness

  1. So true….and what a lovely, peaceful, happy-looking room!

  2. Ah, calm and quiet and solitude.

  3. Mindfulness. I think we all have it. We just have to become more aware and use it positively.

  4. So so true, Andrea. Serenity and peace! Ahhh this is the life.
    Hope you’re already for Christmas and being good as Santa is watching you. Lol
    Hugs to you and I hope your world is still shining! Paula xxxxx

  5. Sounds and looks wonderful. And that room works magic on my mind.

  6. Nicely put. Mindfulness is noticing the space we exist in beteween ‘events’. It’s nothing special, yet it is the essence and substance of living here-now. And from this perspective I wish you more moments of these unconditional acceptance in 2014.

  7. vastlycurious.com

    I am trying but having a hard time ! Is this your tranquil space?

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