happy hols from London town

Imagea walk around Piccadilly and Trafalger squareImageImageFull of people and carolling and seasonal warmthImageImageImage



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21 responses to “happy hols from London town

  1. It all looks so dark and sparkly and lovely. Sad to hear about what happened at the Apollo Theatre. We used to take the kids in to see all the lights in London at Christmas and go to Harrods for a little treat. It was always great just wandering about. Today I was in Chadstone … it’s really not the same …. but there is the upside of swimming in the sunshine and Christmas outside with the cicadas singing..

  2. Amy

    Magical! Beautiful gallery!

  3. Must be a beautiful place at Christmas 🙂

  4. Cool shots!
    I like the giant snow globe!

  5. Lovely photos. I just love London and it’s pure magic at Christmastime. Hope you’re enjoying a very happy and peaceful season. Love and Peace from Izzy ♥

  6. London is great any time!…My husband is going now for 5 days – I’m left behind to take carre of the dogs…
    Great shots!

  7. Was in Trafalgars square Christmas eve with my lovies, They loved the lights and the carol singers. Hope your was festive and delightful too.

  8. Forest So Green

    Happy holidays and hope you have a wonderful 2014 🙂 Annie

  9. vastlycurious.com

    Does the rooster have a significance ?

  10. As a Londoner I really enjoyed your pictures.

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