wash day

As we walk

and glance to one side,

a world of stories is revealed –

held in stone

and soaked in brick.

Hung out to flap in the wind.


oh the stories you could tell!



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17 responses to “wash day

  1. One’s dirty laundry may be very hard to wash clean again, and so it is often kept in the house, away from prying eyes.

  2. vastlycurious.com

    This is so interesting. Do you really hang wash there?

  3. Hey Andrea! *Hugs*
    I’m sure there has been many a stories told on that pavement. And even more gossip! Lol Not blogging that much lately so I hope all is well in your world. Hugs Paula xxx

  4. poppytump

    Oh very nice Andrea .. thoughts of black and white kitchen sink dramas … pegging out the row of bright white nappies heralding the new arrival ..the step … for standing on catching up with gossip .. or cardinal red polish …
    Have a great week !

  5. I love this! Great inspiration for deeper stories.

  6. There’s a lot of meaning packed into a small post! Hanging out our stories to flap in the wind, yes; it’s true that for many of us, blogs have replaced the cheerful wash-day chatter that used to be commonplace. Although we connect easily with people all over the world, we may not often talk with the people who live next door. Interesting times, and much to reflect on! This year I made a resolution to visit and comment on a different positive blog every day, keeping a list on my own blog (yours is today’s entry) so as to build more connections and lead a kinder and more peaceful life. You’ve given me a timely reminder not to overlook my real-life acquaintances while I’m about it. Thanks!

  7. 67paintings

    You confirm, abundantly, how side way glances…noticing the passages of other peoples lives… gives rise to inspired thoughts and writing.

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