Rock a bye



Rock a bye sideways,

a lull a bye trance,

with waves flat and quiet:

a Tinker-bell dance.


A boat bobbing softly,

still waters run deep,

their hands bound by secrets,

words gathered they keep.


He rows as she watches

him sail far away,

in my picture now framed,

below where I lay –


at peace in my feathers

and duvet filled down,

where I dream of my sleep

and shutter all sound.


I am rocked by a lull a bye,

lids heavy and tight,

as Tinker-bell dances 

and makes this night bright.



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8 responses to “Rock a bye

  1. Loving ‘lull a bye’ – a beautiful poem 🙂

  2. Love, love this…so will my grand daughter.

  3. poppytump

    So beautifully soothing Andrea .

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