in the corner

of a walled garden, I find a perch – wild flowers growing through slats.

I share this space with a small flying beetle.

He crash lands and takes up residence next to me.

The church strikes half past something.

White butterflies, hover flies and fading blossom share this late April day

as time twists and turns into May.


A magpie glides in, touches down in the grass

and glides back out of the scene – stage left.

I sit beneath oak and beech.

A tiny spider magically twirls up an invisible thread,

through the clouds to the branches above.



(That was yesterday. Rain today )



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24 responses to “in the corner

  1. This is Enchanting 🙂 Thank you for sharing the Wealth of your Inspiration 🙂

  2. What lovely words, I am going to enjoy your blog.

  3. A lovely sense of peace pervades this poem – I see you Virginia Woolf-like, drifting though the garden… wonderful.

  4. poppytump

    Ah yes … it WAS one of those sorts of days yesterday andrea .
    The long weekend beckons ….

  5. Don

    Mystical and mindful. Loved the Magpie “leaving the stage.”

  6. Lovely portrait, naturally.

  7. Just lovely, makes me feel like I was there
    Diana xo

  8. This is beautiful!♥ I love those ordinary things of life magnified – special moments like this are worth remembering – especially in poetry!! 🙂

  9. Your words capture that sense of a moment hanging in time. Lovely.

  10. Oh that just makes me want to go outside and take some time to have “quiet time”…LOL A rare commodity around here. I love your poem… it’s just SO inspiring… Paints a lovely picture in my head… if you know what I mean.. It’s HOT here, mid 80’s this week and rain and storms last week… oh well. It’s good to be alive! ❤

  11. reneeliamrhys

    Love your words as that is how I think…looking at the small things that go by. Take time to enjoy the moment even if only fleetingly. It remains in the memory….especially as you had rain the next day. Precious, energising, calming and refocus times.
    Alexa from Sydney, Australia

    • O the small things …they can be so relaxing…like today looking so closely at a bee foraging in a flower in my garden, just as they do on yours all over in Australia.

  12. It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thsank!

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