mint moth

it mesmerised me


Imageso beautifulImagejust a spec with the naked eyeImage



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18 responses to “mint moth

  1. They do mesmerize – lovely pics 🙂

  2. This afternoon I saw this year’s first ladybird.

  3. Wishing You Joy and Inspiration in the coming week. Thank You for All you share to brighten my days. 🙂

  4. So pretty. They are very delicate creatures and beautiful to behold.

  5. Wonderful sight, thank you.

  6. People should stop more often to look at butterflies and moths. 🙂

  7. Oh that’s beautiful… Not only are purple flowers my favorites, that moth is lovely. Most of the ones I’ve seen here are just dull gray, but at a new by butterfly sanctuary, there are some amazing ones… I keep trying to get my hubby to take me, but other things always seem to occupy his time lately… It takes about 45 minutes to drive up there, but it’s worth it. We use to go biking and hiking all the time up there, but work is monopolizing his time and my mother is monopolizing mine. : D LOL

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