A Whitstable walk









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19 responses to “A Whitstable walk

  1. Beautiful photos. I can hear the waves breaking (in my mind it’s an ocean, since that’s what we live near!). 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking me to the beach.

  3. Amy

    Great photos, especially the first one!

  4. Lovely to look at your pictures, they brought the place vividly back to me.

  5. poppytump

    How lovely … a day out at Whitstable ..have never visited but it does look my kind of place … oh those little beach huts …
    It’s the weekend Andrea …or very nearly … enjoy 🙂

  6. This set reminds me very much of my own environs 🙂 Very nice!

  7. The little inky beach houses are so cute. I have never seen anything like these before.

  8. Ah! Childhood memories. Thank you.

  9. Love your pictures!!!! These are fabulous! 😀

  10. A fabulous place, our regular visit of ours out from London, sometimes we stay in the Fisherman Huts.

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