Hampton Court

The flower show was a feast for the eyes
but o the crowds were trying.
Not sure I’ll go again next year,
No browsing and no buying.









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17 responses to “Hampton Court

  1. poppytump

    Hell is other people 😉 I found much the same on last years visit to our County Flower Show Andrea …
    Glad you managed some lovely shots though … I’m VERY taken with the swooning blues ….

  2. Marvelous gardens–thanks for your perspective.

  3. The colors, textures and plant combinations in the first photo are stunning…such a tidy little landscape. Probably only possible in a flower show though, without the dandelions and plantains wanting to get in the act. Thanks for posting these!

  4. Amy

    Heavenly! I’d love to walk the trail of the first one 🙂

  5. vastlycurious.com

    Beautiful, especially liked the succulents. These shows get more and more expensive every year, that is what is prohibitive to me. Including parking in Philadelphia it becomes a $50.+ excursion.

  6. Looks amazing, did Hampton court give you any ideas for the garden?.

  7. I love these photos!!! Purple is my favorite color, but all of the pictures are stunning… I love the angles you used. 😀

  8. Beautiful pictures and I loved the little poem! That’s the way I feel about a lot of my excursions.

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