Sunday Sunday and I wait for the clock to go back

A moment to stop and
Wait for the clock
To catch up with time
I was given but forgot.

A bird on a roof top,
A plane in the sky,
The quiet of the morning,
outside ambles by.

A picture I like
Of the girl looking too,
There’s no hurry, it’s early
…I’m chatting with you 🙂

Have a super Sunday .




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8 responses to “Sunday Sunday and I wait for the clock to go back

  1. Loved your words, have a good Sunday yourself.

  2. Wishing you a wonderful time-laden Sunday 🙂

  3. No matter how many times I am reminded about the clock change, I seem to forget it. 😦
    Thanks for one more reminder. 🙂

  4. poppytump

    Ah … such a nice rhythm in your poem Andrea . Super Sunday wishes for you too .
    I’m trying to make those extra sixty minutes count …
    just watching leaves tumble *tick ….

  5. I always liked this day when I lived there. So awesome… that we as humanity have decided to just “add an hour” to our lives… 🙂

  6. I especially liked

    “outside ambles by”

    But in that version “outside” was a noun.

    Poems, like children
    We launch out into the world
    With our fingers crossed

    I hope you too had a fine Sunday back then, although it is “now” Wednesday when I get to reading and replying. Busy busy busy.

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