2014-12-02 16.19.372014-12-02 15.00.512014-12-02 15.04.10 2014-12-02 15.14.382014-12-02 15.53.50grey day and night tucked tight in my eco hut @



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11 responses to “magical

  1. What a beautiful and lovely picture of the bluejay. I guess that it is a bluejay. Sitting in the dewdrops looking for breakfast. 🙂 The colors of the feathers are gorgeous. We need look no further than nature for magic. 🙂

  2. I love the fog, so mystical!
    Diana xo

  3. What a great place to write and take photos.

  4. poppytump

    What a fabulous location Andrea ! I’ve seen many these eco huts .. shepherd’s huts .. teepees and sighed 🙂
    A lovely cosy escape I’m sure .

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