signing off for a while with a splash of colour

It has been some time since I last posted and I find I am no longer finding the time to read your great posts, so I have decided to sign off for a while after a great journey in the blogosphere.

I wish you well as you move forward on your journey too.


2015-04-16 11.39.42 2015-04-16 11.40.242015-04-16 11.39.55



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8 responses to “signing off for a while with a splash of colour

  1. I know everyone understands the time factor. You did leave us with some beautiful pictures. I looked at them up close and they are lovely. 🙂

  2. poppytump

    I understand the time constraints Andrea x I’ve loved reading your wise words and looking at the world through your eyes … It’s such a strange world the blogosphere sometimes one makes a kind of connection and understanding beyond all the hyperbole … Thank you for your visits and I wish you well in your sabbatical I’ll look out for your return 🙂 Poppy x

  3. You have signed off with some beautiful photographs.

  4. Don

    All the best. Enjoy the space. Thank you for your posts.

  5. Quite understand. I have been thinking along similar lines but not yet made the decision. You will be missed. Future blessings.

  6. I wish you well – time is difficult and a break can be needed.. Hopefully you will rest and maybe come back! Thank you!

  7. All the best as you have a break from blogging. I have found it helpful too 🙂

  8. Travel peacefully, Andrea, and with worthy companions. 🙂

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