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summer remembered

and the joy of sharing

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

Studland beach on a rainy day

Studland beach on a rainy day

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holidays with loved ones



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a bowl of soup

is all I wanted when I came in from the cold….

and so I chopped courgettes, peeled potatoes, added stock and warm spices.

I wanted to hibernate …

and so I did until morning.

When I woke my fuzzy head of recent days had subsided – my sinuses felt a little clearer …

and so I got busy with small jobs and make a shepherd pie to warm my son when he is home

late from his road trip. it’s waiting to go into the oven and bubble with homemade goodness.

I sustain those I love with hot food on a winters day …

and so too I am sustained.



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Northern California

As ‘my boy’ nears the end of his road trip I would like to share a wee re-blog as mummy is a busy bee and may well not be on WP too much over the next few weeks. I may put down my writing tools until I am settled back into my life after a bit of movement during September. By then autumn will be chasing me and the changing patterns of nature will draw me in. Wishing you well and see you soon. Andrea


No I have not been eaten by a bear or driven off a cliff into the Pacific only to be eaten by a Megalodon!

As you will have seen from my previous post my friends from Dubai came to visit so I spent some time traveling with them and generally being a tourist. I will post up a separate entry for their visit shortly with pictures and trip details. I also spent a few days after they left with my family up in San Francisco which was nice as I got to hang out and baby sit my young siblings which was exhausting but awesome at the same time.

However before inertia kicked in I thought I would get a few more days out on the open road before I have to draw this adventure to a close. I packed my bags and headed north on the highway 1 yesterday…

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A place

Bluebells for a baby,

blossom strewn along a path.

I hear whispers in the wind

of many years ago- long past.
Never know to me or you,
alive in memories alone.
sibling silence shakes the branches of
this silent late May storm.
Wind blown ashes in the grass roots,
buried deep beneath our skin.
Tight in rosebuds, deep in sinews –
every raindrop, pause and song.
I mark the spot – you are remembered,
with our steps we walk your way.
I scan the words of love and family,
oft’ united: come what may.


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Friendship is a precious word

A week ago today I had the beginnings of one of those bothersome throats and body aches that you get when the seasons change and our bodies respond. I couldn’t go to my Halloween party and no refund sadly as the champagne had all been pre-ordered! Ah well.
What was more important to me was making it to Devon to have a few days away with one of my dearest friends. She was driving down from Yorkshire where she was being ‘Mum to her Mum’ at a difficult time for the family as someone they all loved dearly was very sick.
It wasn’t an easy journey, feeling poorly: add driving rain and soon total darkness and it was not an easy drive. However I was determined to go, as the days away with a friend were more important to me than anything else. It didn’t matter that I would be nursing my aches and sore throat. I could do that with her as we simply enjoyed the comfort we always take from sharing each other’s company.

We settled into our few days of chat, gentle walks, hot chocolates, log fires and together created shared memories.
This was interspersed with many calls home by my friend to check on her Mum and as her job was to ‘look out for’ her Mum, my job was to ‘look out for’ her: as I observed the pain of these conversations troubling her.
An early morning call was one she was not surprised to get with the news of the death of a beloved man.
We gathered our things, collected our memories and left our lovely cottage that had once teemed with the family of a local fisherman.
I drove home to my son and she headed north once more to be with her Mum.
She did what she needed to do and I did what I needed to do because that’s what we do. Not only do I know this but more importantly I know that we are all in the space and place in our lives everyday that we are supposed to be in.
If you allow yourself to sit quietly with that thought and take comfort from  it: you will . . I promise . . find that it is deeply comforting.

I hope you like the selection of photographs here too which reflect the space and place I was at last week with my very dear friend.



Harlands Point

Appledore on the day Hurricane sandy was raging over the atlantic

Appledore looking towards the Atlantic


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