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happy hols from London town

Imagea walk around Piccadilly and Trafalger squareImageImageFull of people and carolling and seasonal warmthImageImageImage



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Early morning musings from Italy – recharging your batteries

I am sitting up in my single bed in my Italian B & B in the Italian mountains, having woken from a troublesome dream sleep around 5 am.  You know the kind of sleep: the one that is heavy with images and people you don’t want to invade your private space and especially your thinking space but when you are asleep… They do.

When this happens I invariably wake up and struggle to get back to sleep and when I judge I have wriggled back and forth under the covers for long enough I take a peek at the time and hope that it is late enough to get up (even if it is too early for my body clock that thrives on a solid nights sleep)

I know this because when I wake in the middle of the night I can have maudlin thoughts which I have discovered after many years of intermittent insomnia  are more to do with lack of sleep than the state on my mind or my life. This is reassuring, so to all fellow sufferers out there: take heart from this sure knowledge.

I  have also learnt that resisting insomnia is not a good idea either. If your body wakes inconveniently in the middle of the night, then accept that it wants to and use this time to think, be peaceful and simply be with your self: and when your body gets heavy again and is asking you to sleep some more: listen to what it is saying. Always listen to what your body is saying. It has a lot to say and a great deal to teach you.

Today it is the last day of my short trip to Italy with loved ones. Four nights and five days is it seems is a perfect time to recharge in what ever way your need.

Until today I was in an isolated spot deep in the mountains of Emilia Romagna with few opportunities to tap into the world of wifi and no desire to do so.  I am only doing so today as I shift from holiday mode to going back to normal life mode and I firmly believe that a few days (or more) without technology to fizz the airways and distract from genuinely winding down, is a very good thing (more on that subject later perhaps)

I have some beautiful photos to share but attempts to upload on my iPad have failed as I freely admit to being ok at the techno stuff and can quite enjoy its ability to allow us all to connect, but there are definetly more important things in life.

Beautiful pictures to follow when I am reconnected with my desktop or work out how to upload pictures to WordPress from an iPad!

Fresh moutain plums

and here’s the tree…yum!

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