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on towards the longer days – the lighter days – the brighter days – the bolder days – the scented days of spring.



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A good poetic evening

At the TS Eliot prize readings at the Royal Festival Hall last night.  . . .and a mini photo opportunity on the walk there





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routes into poetry

was a wonderful one year course I did at the Poetry school


and last night we all read from our very own pamphlet……

2014-11-28 19.01.46


2014-11-28 19.03.18

so today I am a proud poet

2014-11-28 19.02.09


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(Samsung Note – moments by the sea)


Like diamonds
They beam.
The morning sun
Reaches out
To touch them.


Closer still
Through a haze
Of unexpected


She wraps her body,
Heads home


Sketching rooftops
He stands,
In hand.Artist


I look
At its form.
A sail
Slips beyond.


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when you stop

and look . . .


…the world stops too


and when you pause again it smiles…and listens to you too.

@the outer hebrides / south uist


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have a super Sunday in your place


Peopled by people,
Placed in their place,
longed for and loved.
Lounged in.
Walked through and on and roundabout
till the next day
when they are sat in
all over again.



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my writing process blog tour

I was asked by a fellow blogger if I would join the tour of words around the blogesphere.

This was a kind gesture and I thank you evening light…..


for providing me with a great writing trigger today.

Here is my ‘two pennuth.’



My writing is an exploration.

It is a journey everyday closer to the centre of my BEing

Q1 – What am I working on

This addresses a question to self: the kind of question that I like to be asked. It challenges me to think and I like that. And there it is…in the first sentence I wrote – self, me, mine and what matters to me. Lots of things matter in the world and I support the wider picture whenever and whenever I can, but central to my BEing is what matters to me. The reason I think is simple. When I put (what I have discovered) what matters to me or what is important to me first, then I am a more peaceful and content human BEing.  A more content me, makes for a better woman, mum, sister and friend. For the writing process to work, I need to be fine. I need to be ok and when I am, those around me, who care for me, can feel that energy too. So I wonder . . . if the one line answer to this question might be – I am continuing the job of getting to know me better, so that I am in a good place, that allows my creative juices to flow in a multitude of ways: primarily in the form of poetry and musings on mindfulness. This is what I am working on.

Q2 – how does my work differ from others in the genre

For the purposes of this question, let me choose writing about mindfulness as my genre. I think this would then fall into the self help category? I think what makes me different is that my understanding and wisdom on the subject is one I have developed almost by accident. This came about after a serious of life bumps. The first when I was young and had no idea how to deal with it, followed by a series as an adult over many years. I came to realise 2 things. The first was that over time my levels of resistance to knocks was growing and the second was that my level of acceptance was growing. The combination of both has very naturally taken me to a place of mindfulness. I did not even know this was the positive change going on in my life until I came across the term through reading around subjects like loss, moving on etc. I organically adopted a mindful approach to my day to day life and out of this grew an increasing desire to write not so much about it, but to write….just to write: to explore and to relish the journey as I can often be heard to say:) Not only has a letting go of things been a key part of walking the path mindfully, but also a slowing down…so if I was to write my book I would have all these key things in it.. Grow your levels of resistance Grow your level of acceptance Slow it all down

Q3 – why do I write what I do I write what I do only when the words flow

I write because it feels good. I write because it is an activity that consolidates my thoughts and when I understanding why I am feeling and thinking the things that I am thinking and feeling…then I also feel good. I feel lighter. I feel fuller. That is why I write about the joy of living in the moment.

Q4 – how does your writing process work

I like triggers that stimulate the grey cells. Triggers that make me look closely, that make me focus, that make me make that minute the only minute that matters. A particularly good trigger for me that I have discovered is photography. It starts with nature often, moves on to wanting to capture that moment in a picture and when I see the picture or a series of pictures….I often find that I want to write. Often I will write a few words or a few lines, but what ever it is and why ever i write them, they are mindful. The pictures and words are as one, that hang in a moment and are sometimes posted by me on wordpress. I cannot crack open a word pod, unless those words want to breath. This requires patience and of course mindfulness.




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