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summer remembered

and the joy of sharing

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

Studland beach on a rainy day

Studland beach on a rainy day

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holidays with loved ones



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A Whitstable walk








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mint moth

it mesmerised me


Imageso beautifulImagejust a spec with the naked eyeImage






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the golden hour


Not a whiff of a breeze.

Heavens fall to earth and kiss the grass now golden.


Sun spitting fire.

Pods rattling seeds and rivers running dry.


Stone wall warm – dusk now.

Gnats swarm around a waning gibbous.



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red sky at night


Today was a strawberry day

a day sprinkled with sugar

a day that smelt of summer

a day that ended with a sky

a sky full of promise


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cafe on the corner of the street

Heaving with life

with lycra and ipads

buggies and babes.

Day glow yellow – Italians in linen.

Telegraph, Guardian, muffins and backpacks.

White jeans, tight jeans – sandals, love handles.

Skinny this, decaf that: froth it, slurp it, neck it, burp it.

Short shirts, taut shirts, trainers, sunglasses.

En route to tennis, violin and ballet.

Little kids, plastic lids – paper holder, wooden stirrer.

Reads the paper

crossword later.

Reads his book and peeks a look around at all the ladies.

Giggling, wiggling smiley faces – slushy frappacino faces.

She leans down to tie his laces.

Earphones, iphones, silver phones, sparkly phones.

Long q, flip flops, pink bag, Evian.

Flat white, take a bite – scruffy dog with a ball in his mouth.

She fastens him tight and he sleeps under her feet, my feet, your feet  – our feet.

Done up in heels and dressed down in flats: it buzzes and hisses and laughs

to it’s heart’s content – everyone’s front room on a sunny afternoon.



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Beachy Head in all it’s summer glory


I visited Beachy Head this summer twice, having never visited before.
It is quite stunning. Situated on the high cliffs overlooking the English Channel, where the Sussex south downs border the very end of England… Some where between Eastbourne and Brighton.

On both visits it has been ‘blowy’ (and that’s an understatement) and captivating.
I am intrigued that this beautiful spot is the very same spot that is the most famous in England for people to use as a platform for a final goodbye as they throw themselves over the wildflowers and into the grey cold waves and delicately pocked cliffs below.

I hoped on the first trip to be inspired to write something, given the dramatic nature of its reputation, but as yet I haven’t.

As I write just a little here now it occurs to me that it is not the famous and well known or the beautiful or the dramatic that necessarily inspires and is so often the ordinary, the everyday, the less obviously captivating…

But it seems what my trips have given me instead is this realisation. You don’t need to travel to be inspired. All the sparks are within us waiting to be ignited.


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