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on towards the longer days – the lighter days – the brighter days – the bolder days – the scented days of spring.



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My lovely –

Looking radiant in blue, so heady
I could swim in it and swoon until the sun
hangs back behind the day.

My lovely – 
longingly I look and hope to make it last 
as long as hours allow.

Placing rosy apples in a floral bowl, you look
at me my lovely.
I bring you flowers.

A scent that lingers as you turn
and leave a trail of blue:
to fetch fresh water,

icy cold and sweet.
You cut each stem with care
submerge them one by one.

I watch you rearrange their loveliness 
and place them in the sunlight.
My lovely –

you make each day as radiant as the next:
by simply BEing you – 
my lovely.


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Gentle words

Words have a power and energy created in the very saying and writing and even thinking of them.
Words are strong. They are there to express a thought or a feeling.

That is why the words we use in conversation and in our head should be considered with care, spoken with care and written with care.

Mindfulness says that thoughts and feelings that are unkind to our BEing should not be pushed away, but recognised for what they are and then allowed drift away in their own time.

They are just simple thoughts and attached feelings that will pass and they have no magical power over us. We are in control of them.

This is a basic mindfulness practice.

On my journey towards mindfulness, I realised that the practice of doing this will be easier when the words in our head remain gentle.

So – for example. . . I accept what I am thinking and feeling . I won’t deny it or reject it. I accept it for what it is and when it has passed through my consciousness it will be gone.

It won’t exist anymore.

Just like yesterday, it will enter my past.

I will then move from today to tomorrow, remaining aware of what I feel and the words I apply to those thoughts and feelings.

I will attach kind words to my day and be grateful when tomorrow comes .

I will be grateful for the small things.

I will be grateful for the Sun tomorrow morning .


It can be all too easy to take each day and how we live it and what we see and enjoy for granted … Almost expecting them to be.

By choosing the language we live by carefully, we will move from expecting to accepting.

(Expecting – the word itself is heavy with obligation and necessity and that alone casts a shadow on a day that acceptance will not. )

Accept today with gratitude and thanks and today will feel gentler and softer and kinder and warmer.

We expect the sun to rise each day, even if it’s behind clouds. It’s a gift of nature.

Be kind with your words – be kind to yourself and accept each day with gratitude.


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spell it out in pictures

My outing started out as one to visit camera shops to get more advice in my quest to find a camera to suit me. It turned into another ramble that took me into the heart of Bloomsbury


. . .Historically, Bloomsbury is associated with the arts, education and medicine. The area gives its name to the Bloomsbury Group of artists, the most famous of whom was Virginia Woolf, who met in private homes in the area in the early 1900s (Wikipedia)

I don’t seem able to resist the desire to snap things I see and like these days, and this day was no exception. I liked the red entrance and the big map of London framed through the open door –

If your look carefully at the reflection in my shot your can just about make out the words London review Bookshop. . .


The very place I ended up, as there is nothing quite like the draw of a bookshops full of pristine pages . . .


and this one had the most wonderful little cafe attached . . .


so a spot of lunch was definitely in order.

…Followed by more snapping in the square….


and past that wonderful edifice: that is The British Museum and my way back to the tube,



with the purchase of a few more pages tucked away…


It was later that I realised that the joy of words and pictures came together so perfectly on my ramble.


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It bites . . .


. . . the pimples on your cheeks

and eases in your laughter lines.

A dried out sun cracks brackish greys –

today it smells mid winter.




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75 words


I am pleased to appear on http://www.paragraphplanet.com again and for the first time in 2013

The site publishes 75 words every day and it is a great prompt to get the creative juices flowing. Some times 300 / 500 / 1000 words are just too much, but you can almost always squeeze out 75.

Have a wonderful creative day filled with words and magic.


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Visible words

Sometimes I simply prefer to write on paper. There is something reassuring about the scratch of pencil or the glide of a pen across velum.

The letters and words you form seem more personal. This is often how I start with any writing that I do and the most personal musings will stay that way, nestling between the pages of journals, with no wish or need to be transcribed elsewhere: kept safe under my bed in my box of memories for as long as the journals live.

Words here are raw. They are honest and from the heart, laid bare in notebooks of every size and shape – in every colour ink colour I have ever chosen and type of scrawl I have ever practiced.

Some pages are streams of words growing into sentences and paragraphs. Other pages are broken down into shorter chunks, thoughts, ramblings, quotes and mantras.

Sometimes pages are scattered with pictures and memories saved and taped between pages. There are underlinings, highlighting, circling and crossings out.

One thing that is guaranteed to be locked between the covers of paper and leather and cloth . . . are words: words that I have strung together to create a shape of sorts – words that have flowed from mind to finger tip to page.

. . . a steam of consciousness made visible in words.


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